Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | 11:19 | 0 love drops
hye peeps . hha , aku teramat bosan harini ann ? grr ~ dgn mata yg sakit nih ?
madah semua ejek aku kat sch tadi kan ? fuhh , terimakasih eh kaurang . XD #tibatiba
hurm , aku taknak ckap byk , sebab aku taktahu nak post ap ?
okay lahh , aku post pasal diri aku lahh kay ?
kaurang mesti nak tahu kan ?
jyeah >< ofc lah kan ? sape nak tahu angkat kening ?
haha , merepek ghaban . okey done segmen merepek !
okay tenguk nih budak yg tak berapa nak comel nihh XD


MUKA FAkE -.-'


Angry Bird <3 
jyeahh ! nampak tak ? oke , it is truly my face and it is truly who i am .

I love music and fashion to death . Im a shy person . I have my very own mind . My life changes everyday , 
For good and bad . Ive been trying to be a positive person . Once I wanna be a good person, The negative side suddenly comes out . Yes , im a human like you . I have my own feelings , laughter, dream and stuffs which you guys don’t have . Im not perfect so I make mistakes  , so do you want to know who am I ? Great ! You should try it .
want to know my name ? yes , Nur izza Syahira .#get it ?
dont ever mention or ask me what is my name ! sweet 4teen dear .
Johorean <3 Senai is my hometown . Smk Senai is my sch .
Have many type of friends . I really love my friend especially my friends in 2RK . 

i' m comes from my own world . never care what people said .i hate people talk like a BITCH !! never never ask me somethings that i already mentions here !! OK ? !!

i'm just a normal people and normal student . same like you rite ? i doesn't like a lying boy ! and i hate all people who want to judge me from my back . face ur face at the mirror first kay . then u can't judge me or wht ever . i dont want to reject all people coz it's not me . me juz a young gurl who out from the old history and find a new life . haha . juz like sleeping beauty story right . haha . 

me always me . don't ever chnge my self .IZZA alwys IZZA. if you don't like me , don't ever adding me and know me . i will pleasure to be ur frend . i can be ur fwen n ur enemy . so , please be respect n i will respect youu too .
if you want to ask , just asking me . me are such as evil girl as you know . #dont be a friend with me
HAHA , me just a simple girl kay ? wanna thinking bad about me ? go ahead .idontcare . 
if i do bad to you just told me . or you want to hate me and then judge me ? 
thanks :)
p/s ; i will not accept people easily . so , want to know me ? thinking first .
easily i say , don't ever make me mad with you coz i will delete youu 
from my frend list . okayy ? just some nice word for youu to read . remind to u all , i didn't accpt people easily  ! so , wanna thinking bad ? do i care ? haha . i know my attitude was very bad , so dont ever judge me lahh ?



Hearts, eyza

♥ Past / Future ♥